Which restaurant do you prefer? Is it BK or is it McDonald’s?

I personally prefer BK over McDonald’s due to the portion of the meal. It simply satisfies me more. and as they say GO BIG OR GO HOME?





  1. Hello! Honestly I prefer Mcdonalds over Burger King. The burgers taste so much better and their fries are really good as well. Burger king’s fries don’t taste as good and come in really small portions.

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      1. Solving partial differential equations is way simpler than choosing between those two scrumptious meals. However, if I were to Lay my hands on one of these masterpieces, it will most definitely be a triple whopper; simply for its juicy and tender meat loaves.

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  2. well i think ur right, lately the portions at macdonalds are tasty but small. really love that website, the owner of this website seems talented, these photos are making me hungry, its time for some bk.
    Ty for this amazing opinion of yours going for some bk. 3ti 100!

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  3. None!!! I would go for hardeez:) BUT let’s do the analysis…beef burgers for appetizers purpose are better at mcdonalds,the fries is to die for and both the fish and veggie burger and desserts are way better at mcdonalds and that’s about it!! As burgers that u crave for to eat when u r hungry hands down it goes to Bk however the fries are oily and tasteless so as the name applies it is burger King nothing more nothing less!

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  4. Hi foodrive. I would not trust or like any of them what do they put in their food? Thank you for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Very interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy unstable society! Writing is my passion. Great to meet you! #TheFoureyedPoet.

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